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The quest for riches darkens the sense of right and wrong.
-- Antiphanes, ancient Greek dramatist

Database Reengineering

MB Software Consulting specializes in Client/Server Database Solutions. Our Consultants are experienced industry leaders and are Microsoft Certified Solutions Developers/Engineers. They can successfully implement a Microsoft product or technology as part of a business solution in an organization. In so doing, Database Reengineering especially with products such as SQL Server and MS Access are MB Software Consulting's expertise.

Database Reengineering can range from a variety of tasks:

  • Complete redesign of the database
  • Index tuning/creation
  • Stored procedures and/or trigger analysis/redesign
  • SQL Profiler analysis
  • ER Diagram Design and Analysis
  • Database Maintenance Plans

MB Software Consulting designs and develops leading-edge business solutions with Microsoft development tools, technologies, platforms, and the Windows architecture.

Network Reengineering

Today’s businesses face imposing technological challenges. They must deliver increasingly sophisticated IT services to the business world. MB Software Consulting realizes this and has partnered up with competent networking companies in order to sucessfully ensure a secure and stable IT Environment for its clients.

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